Camden Coffee Roasters is a third generation micro
coffee roaster where we love coffee.
coffee table
Our goal is to serve and sell, both in store and wholesale, specialty coffee from different origins worldwide, carefully chosen by our master roaster, who has received training certified by the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe).
where it all begins
The pillars of Camden Coffee Roasters were born in London in 2016, after sixteen years of experience in successful businesses related to coffee and restaurants. The objectives of our project are mainly to introduce, explain and help understand specialty coffee and its revolution thanks to the production of the best quality products.
only good coffee
Specialty coffee produced in an artisanal way is a sector that is growing fast and very strongly. All thanks to the love for coffee and the fact that people are looking for an increasingly rich and better quality cup every day. At Camden Coffee Roasters we have started our journey with one thought, “ONLY GOOD COFFEE”, which is why we are proud that our coffee selection is from the best origins around the world, which we roast, cup and test at all levels throughout the world. through our roastery here on the southeastern outskirts of Madrid.
only good coffee
All done with love, passion and knowledge, so you can enjoy GOOD COFFEE.