V60 Hario Kit Craft Coffee Maker

23,95 iva incl.

The most complete kit for beginners.

This pack is a great way to get started on filter preparations. It has everything you need to start making delicious coffee. The V60 or drip method, is a Japanese design, allows the coffee to fall through the filter spout located in the center of the cone from which its name comes, in a V shape and with an angle of 60 degrees.

It allows you to infuse between 1 and 4 cups of coffee, depending on the recipe and amount of coffee you use. So you can enjoy a coffee for yourself or prepare for several friends.

The V60 Hario kit features: a polypropylene drop or cone with capacity for 4 cups, glass jar with capacity for 700ml, measuring spoon, 100 filters and instructions to prepare it.

* Dishwasher safe, but carefully as the glass part is delicate.

How to make a coffee with V60



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