Rwanda – Nati

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REGION: Rutsiro District
HEIGHT: 1.500-1.900
VARIETY: Red Bourbon

Chocolate, floral aroma, dark caramel, hazelnut cream, nuts, cocoa, blueberry, and lime.

Rwanda is known as the country of a thousand hills, with a climate and topography ideal for growing high quality coffee. After the genocide of 1990, the population found hope for the future in coffee plantations. Thanks to foreign development organisations, aid came to Rwanda to support coffee production as a driver of the economy.

The government soon realised that they could not compete on quantity of production, but they could compete on quality. They have invested a lot of time, energy and resources in developing a network of common wet mills, where micro-lots from farms in different areas are processed. This policy decision has paid off, as Rwanda has gained a very good reputation in the international specialty coffee scene.

This coffee is processed at the Bugoyi CWS Mill and is one of six in the area, processed by washed, honey, and natural method since 2017. It is situated on the shores of Lake Kivu, which provides breezes and gentle sunlight, ideal for drying the coffee beans after harvesting.

80% of the staff at the mill are women, inhabitants of Buhimba village, where the mill is located. Their main economic activities are trade, coffee production, and fishing in Lake Kivu.

The coffees produced in this area are incredible, with very good body and fruity notes such as raspberry, plum and blackberry.

This coffee is ideal for filter, cold brew, espresso, and mocha.

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