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HEIGHT: 1.800 m.a.s.l
VARIETY: Batian, Ruiru 11
PROCESS: Washed with aerobic fermentation

Milk chocolate, orange, sweet, medium body, light touch of caramel, and red berries.

Located on the southeastern slope of mighty Mount Kenya, the Embu coffee region gives a good reputation in terms of quality for Kenyan coffees. The vintages grown here tend to carry notes of red fruit with hints of chocolate and caramel along with balanced citric acidity, making for a balanced and fullbodied cup. There is the perfect combination of natural phenomena much loved by coffee growers; the red volcanic soil is rich in nutrients, the altitudes range between 1200-1800 meters above sea level, and the abundant rains help Embu to produce approximately 900,000 kgs per year of coffee.

Along the eastern side of the Kirinyaga coffee region, the local ethnic groups in Embu County are mainly the Embu, Kamba, and Mbeere ethnic groups, 88% of which find their livelihood in agricultural activities. Legislation here is increasingly favorable to coffee growers, working to make direct trade and incentives for high-quality coffee more and more common.

A characteristic of Embu coffees is that they tend to have a lot of body, revealing notes of berries, toffee, and a rounder and more balanced acid profile.

It is not a “typical” Kenyan coffee, as it breaks expectations and what we would expect to find in a cup. Still, it is still an incredibly tasty coffee and can be a great option for someone who prefers more balanced and accessible coffees that remind them of Central and South Americans but wants to start discovering African coffees.

It is perfect for espresso preparations, on its own or with milk.

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