Kenya – Roselle

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REGION: Kiambu
HEIGHT: 2.000 m.a.s.l

Floral, hibiscus, orange, red berries, vanilla, creamy medium body.

This incredible coffee has been cultivated in the state of Kiambu by the hand of producer James Kariuki. The farm is located 60km southwest of Nairobi. The beans have been processed by the best Kenyan method of washing, which has helped them build an excellent reputation for their exceptional washed coffees.

The region has a long history of coffee production and is famous for its large estates, which were originally built by British settlers in the early 1900s. After decolonization, the estates were sold to local Kenyans who have managed them ever since. While farms like this used to produce the majority of Kenyan coffee, Nairobi’s increased urban sprawl, as well as rising land values ​​in the region, have meant that the farm’s coffee production has gradually declined. , while the production of small producers in other places has increased.

The roast of this coffee brings out an incredibly sweet and fruity fragrance, whose typical Kenyan acidity is muted with hints of hibiscus, buttery and vanilla. It is a very versatile coffee, ideal for both filter preparation methods, Chemex, Aeropress, V60, French press, etc. as for espresso or Italian moka pot.


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