Honduras – Paraíso

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HEIGHT: 1.300-1.500 m.a.s.l
VARIETY: Catuaí, Icatú, Lempira, Parainema
PROCESS: Washed with aerobic fermentation

Dark chocolate, cane sugar, peach, low acidity, medium body.

Honduras is the fifth-largest coffee-producing country in the world, but it often goes unnoticed when compared to its neighboring countries. It is not a question of the quality of the coffee bean, but rather a question of marketing. The important thing is that in recent decades, the number of sales abroad has been growing, thus achieving the recognition that these coffee beans deserve.

Honduran coffee is usually soft and aromatic, with low acidity and a round flavour that makes it one of the best in the world.
This coffee has been grown in the mountainous terrain of Honduras, a country full of hillsides, and thanks to its climate, it is ideal for growing a specialty coffee.

A variety of coffee beans that we have not had before is the Parainema variety. It is a clean and large Arabica bean that offers a balanced cup, with a consistent cream and a medium intensity.
On the palate, it manifests itself with hints of sugar cane in its sweet part and an attractive stone fruit flavour in its acidic part.

This coffee has fruity notes of peach and dark chocolate, with a medium body. It makes it a perfect coffee to drink as an espresso or with milk, prepared in both Italian moka and portafilter.


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