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HEIGHT: 2.150 m.a.s.l
VARIETY: Heirloom

Jasmine, chamomile, orange, peach, green apple, dark chocolate.

The Sidamo region covers a large area in southern Ethiopia stretching across the fertile highlands south of Lake Awasa in the Rift Valley. It is made up of more than 20 different administrative areas, or woredas, with different microclimates and altitudes; consequently, there is a wide variety of grades and cup profiles that end up labelled as Sidamo.

Within the Sidamo region is the Guji area, and its coffees are characterised by notes of white flowers and refreshing fruit. In this region, they grow wild and this causes tensions between the pickers and the miners in the area, and these beans are of the most typical Ethiopian variety, Heirloom, which grows under shade. This contributes to the fact that less water is used for their growth and development. This excellent, acidic Ethiopian coffee is characterised by its unique, exquisite taste and full body.

The coffee is processed at the Banko Michicha coffee mill, which comes from a well-known coffee family and was founded in 2009. It is located at an altitude of 2150 metres above sea level in the western part of Guji. The mill concentrates coffees from about 1,300 smallholders from the surrounding villages. The total production of the station is 10 containers of green coffee. The harvest usually starts in December and lasts until February.

Ideal for filter, cold brew (filter with cold maceration), espresso and mocha.

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