Dominican Republic – Barahona

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REGION: Barahona
HEIGHT: 1.100 m.a.s.l
VARIETY: Arabica

Creamy chocolate, marzipan, fruity, smoothy, medium body, and sweet. 

The farm managed by producer Cesar Ros, Los Lirios, is located in the small town of Polo in the province of Barahona. Located in the south of the island and said by a friend born there, “Barahona is a beautiful area, which combines a landscape of beautiful green mountains with a lot of ecotourism and at the foot of the mountain, Caribbean Sea beaches of an impressive turquoise color”. The crops are located at about 1,100 meters above sea level and about 15 km from the coast, and they are so lucky to have very rich soils that are ideal for growing coffee.
Coffee trees grow in moderate shade, provided by the trees planted around them, such as banana trees, guama, and fig, since they are responsible for containing rainwater in their leaves and thus favor an environment of constant humidity.
The drying process is called honeydew, also known as honey, which consists of pulping the coffee bean, leaving the mucilage, one of the layers that protect the beans, so that it is impregnated with more sugars in a controlled way. This also causes the coffee cherries to ripen slowly, making their body and acidity improve for a perfect balance in the cup.
The drying time is long and the production is not very big, since quality prevails over quantity. That is why it is known as a coffee full of sweetness with notes of chocolate and honey.

It is ideal to drink alone as it is very smooth, like espresso or prepared in Italian moka pot.

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