Colombia – Golden Huila

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HEIGHT: 1.150 m.a.s.l
VARIETY: Caturra, Castillo

Milk chocolate, soft acidity, orange, caramel. Sweet and clean.

This coffee is a mix of a selection of two varieties of grain such as Caturra and Castillo, collected from nine different farms located in the Huila region. The Golden Huila, therefore, is the result of the joint work of young farmers from Huila. These have joined in the Cooperativa Coocentral which is a non-profit associative company, which helps to promote social projects. They bring together around 4000 members from different municipalities in the region of Huila, Garzón, Agrado, El Pital, Gigante, Guadalupe, Suaza and Tarqui. Their commitment to protecting the environment and society, make them use sustainable techniques and assume responsibility with society.

The coffee bean of the Caturra variety is distinguished by its acidity and low or medium body. It has less clarity and sweetness than its ancestor, Bourbon. The coffee plantations of this grain were developed for the first time in Brazil, and these small trees can be found in Colombia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

On the other hand, the Castillo variety grain has been created as a hybrid of Catimor, more resistant to rust, does not need fungicides and allows farmers to ensure a stable harvest.

Thanks to a medium roast like the one we give from Camden Coffee Roasters, a fairly medium body and bitterness is achieved, resulting in a clean and sweet cup.

Its intense aroma of milk chocolate and orange makes it an ideal drink for both Italian and espresso, accompanying very well with milk.


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