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The Camden Coffee Roasters plan shaped up in London 2016 but I had the idea for many years before and since we had our own café in London we had always been in search of sourcing good coffee for the customers in our café. I remember changing it a few times back then during years of working.

Coffee and especially good coffee has always been important to us. There are probably not much places left in London where we didn’t taste the coffee from. There are great roasters and coffee houses all over London. Observing all these places, seeing the way they pay a lot of attention in detail in making good coffee made me appreciate how much actually goes on around creating a great cup of coffee. And being a person who has always been a coffee lover also helped me to go deep in searches and made me start roasting myself at home. I began to roast coffee at home in a popcorn maker and I couldn`t believe how much difference there was actually between a freshly roasted coffee and others. Even a popcorn maker could actually make a difference. Then I appreciated the professional coffee roasters even more.

I had been in Café and Restaurant business for 17 years. I set up my first café in Islington, North London. After 5 years of running our own place with a great success we decided to settle in Spain and started our dream here in Madrid.

Why Camden? We love Camden and the spirit of it. The coolness of this great borough was the influence of putting the name after. It was always the first place to go whenever we needed to have fun and forget the boring routines of life. Markets, canal, music, food and a lot of happy people. Camden has been a nice getaway to distract ourselves from London`s hectic working environment.

We would love to open another Camden Coffee Roasters in also Camden Town.

Hopefully soon.

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