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With this name you could think of anything, but when we talk about coffee, La Parrillita takes us straight to Costa Rica.

The name of the farm and its coffee, comes from the place where it is located. This was bought by the family Mora Moreno 36 years ago, when there was not coffee production, but thanks to the family, it is 80% planted now.

If there is anything stands out about this production it is definitely the sustainable and ethical side of their production system which helps the recovery of soil and conservation of the flora and fauna in the area.

But let’s get straight to the most curious thing about this coffee. This specific beans are processed in a natural way. The coffee cherry is allowed to dry and the grain ferments inside the cherry itself. This makes the grain to gain many more flavours from the fruit and even it has an alcohol-like odour due to fermentation process.

Another thing which stands out its intense aroma related with chocolate, well ripe fruits, black plum and black cherry. But its flavours are not far behind, a cup of this coffee will leave an intense taste of cocoa, red plum, ripe cherry and roasted hazelnut in your mouth.

The best way to prepare it?

Our recommendation is to try it as espresso and espresso with milk which will make you appreciate its intense aromas and well defined body. However, since it is a coffee of such good quality, any preparation and the way of making would be great for both Italian mocha and filter.

Considering its sensorial evaluation, this coffee leaves us with very good impression with a final note of 86.5, which makes it an excellent specialty coffee.

None of its characteristics fall below 8. Its uniformity, sweetness and clean cup points which were the ones receive the maximum score of 10.

We just love this coffee as all our customers do too.

And with all these great attributions you only have one step to make … try it!

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